Friday, June 10, 2011

06/09/11 chase Part II The Real Deal

I ran home.

Wall cloud heading to the house, circulation tightening, rain starting to come down and not allow me to see what's happening clearly.

I made it, everyone was hanging out in the basement.

I ran outside to lash myself to the deck like Lt. Dan screaming at the hurricane.

The storm passed through Kechi quickly running into Bel Aire.  I know I saw a very brief funnel, but it did not touch down and dissipated after trying to form.

Kechi was hit by heavy rains, light hail (pea to dime sized), and 50-60 mph wind.  Luckily, in the city we had minimal damage.

I waited for the main storm to pass, but a cell near Goddard (west of Wichita) strengthened up while this one started east again.  There was some very chaotic movement in the storm and I believe it was due to the storms feeding off one another.

I waited for about thirty minutes for the deluge to stop.  Wichita was experiencing some flooding.  I grabbed the cameras and headed back out.  The sunset was awesome showing some mammatus clouds, the pic below didn't do it justice.

I shot some lightning in the field but the occasional rain and horizontal lightning bursts overhead made me decide to head back home.  I shot lightning out of the garage until the memory card was full.  I did a time lapse video of the lightning last night.  All in all, exciting evening, no tornado injuries or fatalities in the city of Wichita, and an amazing light show afterwards.

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