Sunday, October 6, 2013

10/04/2013 Severe Weather Event, Meh

With some strong tornadoes coming from the same cold front in Nebraska and Iowa, the Kansas portion of the storm had a threat of becoming a strong squall line.  Around 3:30 the dry line and cold front began initiation to the west of Wichita.  Movement went very slowly, by 5:00 I was out NE of Wichita and waiting until about 6:30 before it moved in.  The storm pulled quite a lot of rain cooled air into the inflow and somewhat limited the squall lines development.  It did go briefly severe, with some smaller hail threat.  These dynamics gave rise to a couple discrete supercells that dumped rain and caused an impressive amount of lightning in the Wichita area.
I'm going to miss this over winter.

I noticed the speck of dirt on the lens about half way through the storm.  Unfortunately, it followed through the panoramic.

Mammatus clouds starting forming to the left on the high point of the clouds.

Beaver tail pulling rain cooled air into the inflow.