Saturday, July 14, 2018

lightning 07/13/2018

A simple cold front moved into the area destabilizing the atmosphere enough for some evening showers.  It was already Drench-your-shirt humid.  Luckily it rained most of the late night.

My oldest daughter and I did an ice cream run and found this wall cloud to the west of the city.

 We ran home, grabbed our cameras and went Northwest of the city.  Lots of active lightning at first, then it slowed down as the storm lost its punch.

 Same bolt, two frames.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Severe Weather 06/26/2018

Summer had set on Wichita or at least we seemed to be in for a long, hot, dry days.  Little patches of rain happened occasionally, but not enough to knock off the severe drought that had lingered.
There had been some storms in the morning that provided a couple of quick thunderstorm warnings, but nothing too strong.  Most of the storms dissipated just before hitting Wichita to reform after and produce stronger storms. I had gone out in the morning just to try to shoot more photography.

Storms looked to be focused mainly on the Kansas/Missouri border and I thought the less than spectacular morning storms may be the end of it.  The five o'clock News mentioned that there was a stationary front just to our west that may form storms in the next few hours.  By six, a number of storms formed NE of Wichita and slowly moved to the SE.  Within 30 minutes from that, the storms had become tornado warned.  

After the initial warnings and not seeing tornadoes I moved to near Rose Hill but unfortunately went though Andover which really slowed me down after they had some initial wind damage.