Monday, July 29, 2013

Storms near El Dorado (Non-Severe) 07/29/2013

There's thunder outside to the east as we finish off one of the cooler and wetter July's in memory.  Enough rain has fallen in the area (6-12 inches depending where you are), with flooding in some places this evening.  Earlier today there was a slight threat of severe weather and I went running up toward the El Dorado area that had some weak, broad rotation.  Watched a very brief wall cloud develop and fall apart quickly.  There were funnels spotted near Medicine Lodge but nothing touched the ground.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

07/23/2013 Big Storms and Lightning Everywhere

After last night's storms, a boundary moved through the area promising some severe storms and heavy rains for the drought stricken area.  They exploded around 5pm and quickly moved south.  When they hit Hutchinson, Kansas, there were reports of hail from baseball sized to grapefruit (4 inch) sized hail.  Several roofs were peeled back and parking lots were full of shattered glass.

The scary looking cloud next to the trademark may have quickened a few pulses.
Luckily the storm lost some punch as it came near the Wichita area and turned into one of the most impressive lightning storms I've seen in a couple years. I did not have my lightning detector in the field so I came home and waited for the strongest part of the storm to pass.  The photos below were taken on a 4-6 second timer while hiding in the garage.  With the lightnings strobe-like frequency and continuous ground strikes, it was not a good night to be the tallest in the field.  

Monday, July 22, 2013

Left Reaching Lightning

Not a scientific term by any means, just a strange realization that all of my lightning went left this evening.  Some storms were severe but nothing reached the Wichita area.

Streak to the left was one of several planes that landed in Wichita this evening. 

Show Coming Up

I will have nature, wildlife, storm photography and even my novel for sale.

If there is something you've seen on my website that you don't see at the show, please let me know.
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Starry Night with a Near Full Moon.

Dim satellite to the left of center.

The satellite would flare in the sun or moonlight.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Simple Summer Storms

A nice cold front has been hanging to the north spawning summer thunderstorms.  I went out attempting to get some daytime lightning shots but simply ended up with cloudscapes.  Everything remained below severe levels and we ended up with a nice gentle rain.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Analysis of the El Reno, OK tornado

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Twilight Zoo

We are not talking about sparkling hippos here.

The zoo adds a night during the summer months that people can come and roam the zoo until 8pm.  Not horribly late, but the zoo itself seems more laid back.  With the recent colder weather (80's-90's), tonight was perfect.  

Sammi the Weathergirl and an Otter high-five.

Feed me.

Stand next to a person that makes them hungry.

Same lioness, different perspective. 

Black and white and red all over. 
I heard there are no more black rhinos in the wild . . . 

Happy 4th everyone