Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ah Baseball and a Large Storm to the NE

It was a beautiful night for Wingnuts baseball in Wichita.  Cool 80's for late June, a crisp occasional wind, and big storms that blew to the north and east of us, then the dreaded rain delay.  Odd thing was this was the second time that I got soaked shoes in that day. Special shout out to Gunner.  Hope you are feeling better.

Blame Ming!

Lots of lightning to the east as that storm, which caused a tornado in Salina and damage in Butler Co. kept pulsing.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Strong winds 06/15/17

 Wichita was put into a moderate risk for the convective outlook. Talk was a huge hail system with high winds. Luckily we dodged tbe hail but took a pretty good hit from high winds.
 Nothing like a softball game on aluminum bleachers and lightning in the area.
 Storm to the north, which merged with the storm moving from the NE.
NWS radar

Thoughts from the dustbowl? Harvest is ongoing so lots of fields are dirt. Fairly eerie to watch this approach.

From fellow ruminator, Jeanne, from the Maize area which took the brunt of 80 mph wind.

From my brother's house in NE Wichita, looking west.

Damage out near Valley Center on 85th street. A few medium sized trees were taken down in Maize.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Lake Afton Photo Program

Lake Afton is a public observatory that closed last year.  A group of dedicated and passionate astronomers ended up securing and reopening the observatory.  I took part in a Jupiter session several years ago where I captured the bands and Galilean moons.

This was a simple, come out and photograph the moon.  With some of their suggestions, I captured this.