Wednesday, May 24, 2017

05/19/2017 well this is a suprise

The day after a high risk day, checking out at school, and I was taken completely by surprise by a Emergency Broadcast System coming over the radio and alerting of tornadoes on the ground south and west of Wichita.

I ran out to a line of storms approaching Haven, Kansas.  Luckily I still had some of my camera equipment in the car from the night before.

Couplet was SE of Pretty Prarie.


Probably on the ground.
Tornado on the left hand side.
Storm couldn't decide if it wanted to squall out or not.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

05182017 High Risk Day

It was a busy day and an insane week.  Some days I wish I only could storm chase . . . but responsibilities.

Thursday, May 18th was a high risk day.   The weather leading up to this point had been quiet, warm, and windy.  Then on the last day of school . . . Bam!
High risk up to the corner of Wichita, Followed by a PDS tornado watch.
What happened?


The storms exploded into a big glob.  The lightning all was incredible but a series of choices led me to chase down into Oklahoma (near Wakita for any twister fans), when I should have gone into Salina, Kansas.  The storm we were chasing squalled out, so we left before getting hit with the wind.