Sunday, July 31, 2011


I'm a cold weather guy, Spring, Fall, Winter are my best months.  This summer has been torture.  We started hitting 100 degree days in May and looking at the forecast, it's not letting up.

Currently in the Midwest we have a moderate to extreme drought.  I think were somewhere between a 6-7 inch rain deficit for the year.   

Rain has been on the horizon but seems to stand in place and dissipate rapidly.  The popcorn storms form quick, drop lots of rain over a small area, then produce strong wind as they fall apart causing brief thunderstorm warnings.

This was taken looking west toward one of the warned areas.  The corn has mostly withered.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

too hot

The tally of days over one hundred degrees melted yesterday and my hopes for rain were completely dashed.  The forecast for next week looks like a bad Tonight Show joke for weather in Hell.  Although it does appear the weatherman changed tomorrows forecast to 99 to stave off villagers with pitchforks.

We had rain to the west and south of us today, even felt a couple drops while out shopping today, but the rain eluded us.  Dissipated before it crossed over.

There's a line of showers to the northwest trying to kick up, we will have to hope and see.

Monday, July 4, 2011

07/02/11 Hesston, KS

I can't claim this one although I ran that way after hearing of the tornado warning.  Special thanks to Aimee, who was already at the location and grabbed video of a brief tornado.  There was so much rain, I didn't get a thing.