Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow day IV: A New Hope

Went to bed last night knowing we were getting snow, just unaware that at one point it became thundersnow and the front stalled out overhead.  We received somewhere in the 6-7" range depending on where you live. Luckily, only about four inches stuck to the driveway this morning.  Roads are a little slick but should clear up since the sun is out.


Infrared shot IR950. Not sure why the band is there. 
Similar shot without infrared

Snow blown through the lattice 

Monday, February 25, 2013


Last week gave us the #2 snowstorm in Wichita history.  The record was 15" in 1962, last Wednesday into Friday storm dumped 14.2".  That was Q, then Randy, his irritating cousin, showed up yesterday.  This prompted the Wichita area to go into Snowmageddon  mode.  No fistfights, but rows of empty grocery shelves.  Those that bet on Zombies for the end of the world lost out, you can't shoot snowflakes.

Luckily, with the Weather Channel in town, Randy turned out to be a little bit of a bore.  Projections of upwards to 15 to 18" have turned into maybe 4" to 7" by morning.  Wichita schools are on their fourth day of being closed.

Infrared taken a couple days before Q
Spotted my first cardinals of the near spring
Macro of snow on seat cushion. 

Meet Luthur the Weather Dog.  Yes, he's a pup and wondering what this white stuff is.