Saturday, January 15, 2022

The Lioness

 While playing around with storms I also decided to mint some NFT's of the wildlife I collected over the years.

This lioness was sunning herself on top of Pride Rock at Sedgwick County Zoo.  

My NFT's can be found here on OpenSea:

I played around with some of the neural network and blended some different textures with it.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

NFT Derecho Dream

 This was a large squall line.  Originally the photo took seven different photos to make the panoramic. If you notice the car on the right looks slightly blurry.  The last photo was taken when the gust front of about 70 mph hit, driving all the chaff, rocks, and dirt at me making it blurry.  Luckily I was nearby shelter and was able to wait out the worst of it.  Derecho has been used by NASA, NOAA, and the National Weather Service.

Derecho -

Derecho - City of the Silent

Derecho - The Demon Storm

This is available to view and purchase at

New NFT's featuring Fire in the Sky, The Nightmares Above, The Nightmares Emerge

 Recently I've done a deep dive into NFT's as another possibility to show and sell my work.  I am going to take photos from post chases and put them into Google's Deep Dream.  This is an odd neural network that looks at a photo trying to find things that it recognizes and inserts them.

When completed the photos can appear otherworldly and at the extreme, nightmarish.

Fire in the sky -

The Nightmares Above - 

The Nightmares Emerge -

This and my other collections will be viewable and up for sale soon here: