Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 16th 2011 storm

I always know something's afoot when a friend texts me and asks what's going on in a certain area.
McPherson - 80mph winds, large hail, maybe rotation.  Too good to pass up.  Left the house and headed about two miles to the north and then a quick jog east.  The lightning was incredible, this storm looked very much alive and somewhat angry.

The lightning crawled all over this storm.  Constantly with the fine little bolts.
I thought about heading up to Newton to see this storm, but the way the lightning spread out from this, I didn't want to get any closer and take photos.

The storm moved slow and I did notice the anvil making progress to the south.  Before long Sedgwick Co. was under a thunderstorm warning.

I love photographing lightning with digital camera.  I know it's a functional Darwinism exercise.

Also people would drive up to the intersection and watch us for a long time.  If you do that and notice they have a camera . . . please turn off your brights (at least).

I know I look like a sasquatch with a tripod in a lightning storm.

The fronts stalled out near the city so tomorrows clash could mean more chasing.

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