Friday, July 29, 2016

Hurricane Force WInds, oh my 07/28/2016

It's been a while since I captured a nice shelf cloud coming into the Wichita area.  It set up on a nice cold front that swept into the Wichita area. . .

From the NWS Wichita Website:

Radar animation

Velocity animation

The first picture was taken up near Newton. Not real spectacular, a bit of a blob.  Maybe a hint of a shelf forming in the lower right hand corner.  I relied on radar data and the storm looked to gain a nice bow echo, so I headed back to the Valley Center area (north of Wichita).

Taken from Galaxy S5, a small fire is seen right of center.  This was non-storm related.

The shelf cloud had developed well and was approaching quickly.  I found an open area facing north and west, (the road goes east and west).

Early reports had baseball sized hail out near Kingman and 80 mph winds.
 I was beginning to see the gust front, so I headed home before the main winds hit.  Although not too bad of winds were recorded in Valley Center, a wind gust in NE Wichita was recorded at 78 mph.

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