Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Colorado Trip - The Resting Place of Doc Holiday

In Glenwood Springs, Colorado, I noticed some mention of Doc Holiday.  After a quick Google, I found he was buried in a small place called Pioneer Cemetery.

Some of the online discussions mentioned that it was an easy to moderate climb. Being in the thinner Colorado atmosphere, I would say it was a moderate but very interesting trail.

 It provided a great view of Glenwood Springs,

an odd ribbon tree that I have yet to understand the meaning (a little searching states it's a memorial in Ute Indian tradition*),

and an old cemetery that featured some of the founders of Glenwood Springs and many, many stories.

Doc Holiday's marker is in the back of the cemetery marked by a flagpole and fence. This may not be the proper resting place of Doc Holiday though.
Doc Holiday died after three years of hospitalization due to tuberculosis. He died a pauper and was buried in the potter's field with a wood marker. Over time, the marker rotted beyond recognition and records of the old cemetery were lost.  The new marker was placed in a highly probable spot.

we spent time walking the cemetery looking at other grave-sites.  Most had been replaced due to age but some of the original still remained.  Well worth the trip for history buffs.

* http://www.pikespeakhsmuseum.org/ute-culturally-scarred-trees/

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