Sunday, February 27, 2011

Preseason 022711 storms

I don't enjoy foggy days with severe weather.  I typically use the clouds to tell what's going on in the storm.  When fog, mist, and rain band together in a huge moist mess, it's never good. 

A supercell formed SE of Wichita and started scooting towards town at 50mph.  It formed quickly and moved fast.  We hit lots of rain and hail (only pea to marble size) but no dramatic cloudscapes, so not much in the way of pictures. 

As stated, this storm moved quick and grew creating severe thunderstorm warnings from here to Kansas City.  Later in the afternoon, tornadoes were spotted down at the Kansas/Oklahoma border SE of Wichita. 

Due to previous plans, I couldn't chase.  The bad news is that these storms have progressed into Missouri and Arkansas on their way to Tennessee and Kentucky, where the chances of tornadoes are much greater.  If they happen, it will happen tonight.

I like slow preseason storms.  It gives you a chance to get your feet wet, test out old equipment and try out new things.  With the atmosphere being opaque and this being a fast moving storm, it wasn't the greatest of chases. 

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