Sunday, February 20, 2011

Harbinger of Storms

Stan Finger from the Eagle is reporting that the severe weather season may be a long volatile one.

In the article, Mike Smith from Weather Data states that a weather pattern will be developing later this week that will be conducive to produce thunderstorms.  He also states that this is a more or less severe weather setup and that this may setting ourselves up for a longer than average tornado season this year.   

Severe weather Week is March 7 to 11th but with Kansas weather you never know.
It wouldn't be a bad time to review.

Greg Carbin, warning coordinator for NOAA in Norman, OK states he's not ready to call the busier than tornado season modeling yet.

February has been a month of extremes in Kansas.  We've had a 90 degree shift with record cold one week (-17 degrees), then record high (78 degrees) the next.   Today Wichita may be in for a fifty degree drop in temperature as a strong cold front moves through the area.  A red Flag warning is in place for the high winds before the front, expect 30 mph winds from the SE gusting to 45mph.  Unfortunately, this also increases the chance for grass fires. 

Precipitation models seem all over the place at the moment.  So do the temps, after a 73 degree high today, temps will settle into the 40's for the next couple of days, then up to 60's then back down to 40's with the possibility of snow late in the week.  Welcome to pre-spring.  If you don't like the weather . . . wait.  It will change.

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