Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fire, Ice and Fog

Rain is in the forecast this weekend and early next week which may offset some of the drought fears talked about recently.  Although only a 20-30% chance, it's nice to see the old lightning icon promising some chase days coming soon.

Last week Wichita broke a cold record with -17 degrees Fahrenheit.  Today we are forecasted into the upper 70's.  Welcome to Kansas.  We call a 90 degree shift in temps Spring. 

Yesterday, a pea-soup fog descended on Wichita.  The Pirate Zombies from the otherworld caused about 8 accidents in a fifteen mile stretch of road.  Some problems sighted were: people (of course, can't see but driving 70), zero visibility (bad when your hand is in front of your face and you can't see it), and road conditions (salt, grime, oil left from the recent Snowpocolypse, Snowmaggedon, and Mt. Snowsuvious storms left the roads slick when moisture mixed).

Full moon lighting and fog has interesting possibilities.
It did leave the opportunity for some cool photos.

Had the overcoat, wide-brim hat, played "Tubular Bells", and still had the cops called.

from KSNW tower cam looking over the sea of Downtown Wichita.

After the majority of fog burned off and allowed for safe travel

Reality bubbled and only allowed a 1/4 mile.

parking lot at Sedgwick Co. Zoo, you could see the mist rising from the pavement.

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