Saturday, April 26, 2008

Squal line April 26, 2008

To what did my wandering eyes did appear, but a thunderstorm warning for Hutchinson.

Ah, no big deal. Probably moving to the Northwest. Nope. Moving right for Kechi . . . Hazzah.

NOAA (National Weather Service (and this is probably the only time I will ever tell you this)) reported one inch hail and wind damage in Yoder. Remember, stuff there is Amish built. They pound their power poles all the way in the ground so you don't see them.

I stood outside and felt the temp drop about 10 degrees. My little girl got mad that I was outside and banged on the door until I let her out. She played outside until I saw lightning.

The photo's taken from my deck. Don't worry I'm not eleven feet tall.

So my dog continued to happily munch on her log and I stayed waiting on the wind. Wind kicked up to maybe a 40 mph gust but nothing that great. I did see a little rotation in the clouds above me but nothing to send me running to the basement.

If anyone is interested April 29 - May 1st is looking interesting for storms. Will someone babysit so I can go chase!


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Dawn Allenbach said...

I'd babysit, but I doubt you want to send her all the way down here.