Saturday, April 26, 2008

Greeings and Salutations

This is a fairly serious blog that you won't hear as much of my explosive writing.

I am a storm chaser. Scratch that. I freaking worship storms. You have your tree huggers, I'm a tornado hugger. Don't try it, hurts like Hell.

This time of year I'm like a kid at Christmas. My wife laughs at me because when a decent storm comes up I usually have the radio going loud, running to the computer to check radars, and running outside to see what's going on. Okay, it's more like a tweaker on meth.

Don't do drugs kids. Seriously. The drug companies will own us all someday.

With life being usually complicated, I have a baby due SOON. Like in the next ten days. This really makes me rethink about all the chasing and the close calls I've had. There have been a few, and this baby makes number two.

I don't think that I'll give it up. I can't. Storm chasing is one of my strongest passions in life, stronger than my need to write.


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