Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sunday, April 19th Sedgwick Co. Tornado Warning

Last Sunday, April 19th Sedgwick Co. was hit by a tornado warned storm.  The storm produced a brief tornado only 2 miles from the National Weather Service office in Wichita near the airport.
The storm produced a hook echo that my brother and I chased, but there was a series of unfortunate events that put us in the middle of the storm vs. where we wanted to be.  The tornado only stayed on the ground briefly but the area of rotation continued through the city.
As we chased near downtown, the rain and hail became heavy enough that visibility went to almost nil.  With the rotation being less than 2 miles to the east of our location, we ended up ditching the chase at my brother's company near old town and waited out the storm.  There was no tornado damage in Wichita, but some very strong straight lined winds and hail, broke windows, blew down fences, and beat up a lot of property in Bel Aire and NW Wichita.
Taken by Ruminator Heather Larson in Downtown Wichita.
To the right of center appears to be a rainwrapped funnel.

Several storm cells popped up around the original tornado warned storms producing interesting clouds but no more tornadoes.
Hail from Northeast Wichita

I like how you can see the different layers in the hail stone.

Power line over at Woodlawn and 45th in Bel Aire (Looking South down Oliver).
 I probably would have posted these sooner but with the apocalyptical damage coming out of Moore, Oklahoma, decided to wait.

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