Thursday, May 9, 2013

Storms 05/08/2013 finally . . .

This seasons been quiet.  Eerily quiet.  Maybe not Eerily, more like boringly on the weather front.  Usually this would be the height of the storm chase season and this was my 3rd chase in a lame storm season.  Storms didn't seem to have much punch to them and the primary threat from the first round was 1/4" hail, with a couple interesting SCUDS floating around.  
Greenwich and 96th

Hail coming in on the right.
 Then as this storm passed to the north of Wichita.  I Another system came in from the west. This storm brought about 50 mph but not much more.

Lightning was fairly close, so I didn't use the tripod.  Notice the tiny bolt of lightning on the right.
With the large shelf cloud moving in quickly, I finally grabbed the tripod and took a quick panoramic before the winds hit.  Late April and Early May usually brings the strong storms, afterwards we have the lazy summer squall lines.

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