Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Severe Thunderstorm Warning August 9, 2011

A large group of storms invaded Kansas and brought some much needed rain.  They also brought damaging winds that caused damage in Burton and Hutchinson.  They also flipped a semi on K-96.  I watched the storms moving in from Great Bend which also caused a brief tornado warning in Ellis country around 9:00.  As the storms neared Hutchinson I grabbed my gear and went out.

When I got a little bit out of the city, I kept looking to the northwest wondering what exactly I was looking at.  There is always a few moment after leaving the house and looking at RADAR you're left with that feeling of the unknown.

Lightning illuminated the smooth sides of the rotating storm.  The storm itself, when at it's most powerful looked like three plates staked upon each other.

Winds were very steady at 30mph.  There was a slight gust that almost took the camera and tripod but luckily the remote sensor was connected and I used it like keeping a dog at bay.

lighting up the shelf as it almost passed overhead.

Sorry, shameless self promotion

 The storm moved near and I went a little further north to look at some of the scary looking clouds (SCUD) hanging from the bottom.  As I went to the clearing most of the clouds had died off and the storm lost its structure.  Lightning struck overhead and just to the north.  I decided it was time to go home.

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