Saturday, April 16, 2011

The last few days . . .

Wichita had a severe chance of storms on Thursday from a system that went and spawned several monster storms that at this time has claimed 27 lives.  Chilling to think that many have died when we have the warnings that we do this day and age.  I know the previous days losses were due to trees falling on houses. posted a map of the storm reports:

Needless to say the backside of this system wasn't pleasant.  Wichita had wind gusts a few MPH below Hurricane strength.  Some damage was reported across the state.

Thursday didn't quite pan out as I hoped and I found myself on the backside of a multi-cell cluster that finally became a squall line and moved quickly to the east.  There were a couple reports of funnels and tornados in Kansas, but a couple small towns east of Tulsa took a direct hit.

At the Soccer Stadium on Greenwich as the storms began to initiate.
In the town of Furley realizing we were to late and going to miss the dance.

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