Friday, December 31, 2010

The rest of 2010

I'm bad at best of. . . I'd rather have new!

Panoramic of previous blog pic.

Leftovers of a severe thunderstorm at old lookout peak at I-235 and 25th.

I miss lightning.

Loved the saucer shape this storm anviled out to.

2nd season's only tornado warned storm.  The left side of this produced baseball (some claim up to softball) size hail.  One large stone found out in a field 3 hours after the storm was short of the state record by 1/2".

Found out my wife didn't see the double rainbow guy video, so she thought I went insane saying "Double Rainbow!" and "What does it mean?".

Harvest Full moon at Midnight.  Couldn't sleep.

Happy 2011 and may we hear thunder in the new year.

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