Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More of 2010

One of the hail storms in Wichita this year.  This Squall line built lazily in early April and ended up dumping hail on the East side of Wichita for nearly an hour.  I caught this 180 degree capture before heading to class.  Unfortunately, it hit while in class.

Ah, Lightning.  I swore I watched streamers rise in the field in front of me.

The big May 10th storm.  They cancelled a day of River Fest for this and ultimately decided to move the festivities to June (good idea).  No solid tornado, but we did see rotation aloft and spinning wheat.  Lack of afternoon heating kept this killer at bay.  It roughly hit Wichita during rush hour.  This monster was made up of 20+ photographs and proved to be a nightmare to merge.

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