Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chase 5/15/09

Well NOAA said something was going to happen, and the Vector 2 people were in town. If you don't know what Vector 2 is, turn on the Weather Channel. You'll know them like a cousin in less than an hour.

I left work on time and headed home. The radar signatures looked interesting to say the least. I got home and noticed the mammatus clouds overhead. I found this strange. I'm used to seeing these after a storm, not before.

Then the sirens went off at 5pm.

We headed out West, the storm was producing something . . . too many reports gave too many different things. Unfortunately, there was a ton of rain out there.

On the highway, I took this. There was a strange lowering to the middle of the cloud base.

Things were getting progressively stranger. We stopped off at the dump and shot this:

Lightning was striking very frequently out of this storm. A lot higher average than my last several chases combined.

We went to Ridge Road as the storm was closing on in Goddard.

I believe that the center was dropping a ton of rain and hail.

We went towards Kellogg next. As I said before there was a large amount of lightning in this storm. As we got closed to Kellogg the lightning seemed to glow almost purple and growled as it struck.

They were still calling this a wall cloud when we neared Kellogg. I though it looked like it was trying to develope into a shelf cloud like another large precip. storm I picked up years ago.

When we got to Kellogg I was half expecting the aliens from Independence Day were going to be pushing through the clouds and attacking the River Festival.

I thought the clouds looked like they were holding a lot of hail, so we moved South.

The storm started to hemmhorage rain and hail and let me to belive it was dying off.

We kept going South then turned East to avoid most of it.

We ended up in Rose Hill and the sky turned to this (trust me sometimes it's easier to show the pictures than describe it:

Just a wierd, weird night although very active. The only confirmed tornado was in the Texas Panhandle.


Unknown said...

I was down in Oklahoma for the weekend and missed this. Thanks for providing pictures!

Denise said...

Especially loved that last pic around Rose Hill. That's a bit what it looked like up our way.

Dawn Allenbach said...

What a strange bunchof formations! Groovy, though.