Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Went running this evening with my nephew, Clay.

Knew the storms weren't severe so I thought I'd take him along.

There were some low hangers and scary looking clouds though. This storm was pushing severe levels but warning were canceled quickly.

I think that this tried to do something, but failed. It was fun to watch, tried to drawn in some moist air.

I don't thing the season is a complete wash. We are in a "dry spell" for tornados, but we will have to see what June brings.


Unknown said...

I really thought that since we're having such a cool spring that we'd see some tornado action......I never want anyone or anything to be hurt by one, but I'm DYING to see one in person. Sure is a lot cooler today.

Brian Johnson said...

Always seems I catch the longer lived storms in June. There is still hope. After June, no hope.