Sunday, May 9, 2021

Storms May 8th, 2021

 Seems like the last several years, I always start my first blog of the year saying it's been a slow year.  It's been cooler, dry, ridges in the wrong place, but we've had some rain.  A frontal boundary set up some action for Kansas and it being a Saturday, I was able to chase.

They upgraded the convective outlook from slight to enhanced and the stage was set for north-central Kansas.    My daughter and I headed to Wilson, Kansas and hung out at Wilson Lake until the storms started to initiate.

We moved back to town and closer to I-70 to head toward any interesting popups.  The storms initiated and we had a good candidate to the east of us.  We headed toward Russel and pulled off in a couple of small towns to watch.

The storms were quickly showing mammatus clouds.
The storms went severe and we moved south out of Russel and followed.  One storm split, then absorbed another storm and became strong.

We stayed between two of the severe storms watching a couple areas of interest.

Down near Otis, Kansas, we started to see wall clouds forming.
A clear slot opened near the wall cloud, but nothing developed.
We started seeing good hail shafts coming out of the storm, and soon the dryline had crossed over limiting a lot of the severe potential and cutting the fuel from the storms.

The clouds started to fall apart and the storms more to the east became larger and more powerful.  

My daughter captured some great Meadowlarks and thunder, so I recorded this.  Please turn on the sound otherwise, it's a fairly boring video.

We headed back east with the storms decently ahead of us.  We stopped a couple times to capture some lightning and I may post those videos or captures later.  We started the long trek home with an incredible lightning show to the north and east of our location.  We made it home in time to see Saline County under a tornado warning, but only a funnel was spotted and at this time, there was no damage reported.

Hopefully we will see more storms this year, otherwise it's been fairly quiet.

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