Sunday, February 24, 2019


 I attended ChaserCon a couple weeks ago in Wichita, Kansas.  Although it was not the first chaser convention I have attended, it was one of the best.  Got to spend time with some great people and individuals that I have followed for years.  Here is to a great storm season, may the tornadoes be out in the wide country, photogenic, and plentiful.  May we all come back home after our chases.
Roger Hill, whose photography along with Jim Reed's work made me start taking a camera into the field.
Dr. Greg Forbes semi-retired from the Weather Channel.  He will be back in the spring.
Tim Marshall running Solo.  Chewbacca and I discussing beard care.
Got to meet Reed Timmer
Mike Smith gave the keynote speech about Radar and how storm chasers have improved warnings

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