Sunday, May 31, 2015

Zoo trip

Rain, lots of rain. 1st dry day and a trip to the zoo.  My little minions are wanting to learn photography.  I've taken them on a couple low risk chases and had them shoot some cloudscapes.  I also decided to give them cameras and let them figure out what they wanted to shoot.  They picked out the chimpanzee and orangutan exhibit at the zoo.  So I let them go and wander while I took some time with the animals.

They're painting.

Baby chimps photogenic

 Tammy is baby chimp's mother and has been in residence at the zoo for a while.  Over the winter the zookeepers noticed she was not using her arm.  They found the elbow to be severely dislocated.  They tried to cast it, but it would not set properly.  They decided to amputate the arm after several infections.  She recently came back on exhibit.

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