Monday, July 16, 2012

Billions and Billions of Stars

I went out to a nice location in the middle of nowhere last night and tried some more galactic photography.  Something odd was happening with the fisheye lens and I couldn't focus well.  These shots were taken near Marion Lake in Kansas.  These shots were taken looking to the north (hopefully glimpsing a little auroral activity.  You might see some streaks of light in the photos, these were satellites passing overhead.

The white haze in the photograph was the spiral arm of the milky way.

Train coming, not sure what city that was to the east of my location.  Maybe Peabody.

Train, may crop this, love how it lights up the trees.

strange effect with the fisheye lens.

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Gary said...

I bet it would have been eerie to be standing next to that line of trees as the train passed. Great pics.