Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Second Season 091510 Tornado warnings

I've been hoping for weather, really of any type.  I noticed earlier in the week that maybe there might be some sort of storms going through the area today.  When I went out this afternoon, I was pleasently suprised.  A cold front touched several strong storms in the area.
The ones pictured here had funnels associated with it in Reno County and over Cheney Lake,  I watched this wall cloud collapse and reform three times before the rumors of hail associated with the storm made me decide to go home, that and a dead battery on the camera.    
The area had strong updraft (note the rain curtains on both sides) and gobbled the small clouds that were forming below it in the humidity getting absorbed by the storm.  Even though I really didn't see any of the funnels, it was nice to go on an early fall, second season run.

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