Saturday, April 10, 2010

Storm Season 2010

The storm season finally began Tuesday. Baseball seemed to beat it this year by a full two weeks. Unfortunately, I was stuck in class and unable to chase a squall line that decided to anchor in Northeast Sedgwick Co. and hail for up to 45 minutes. I took the pic above before heading to class.  
I regretted having class tonight, mainly because I could have called in my weather reports while sitting in the kitchen.

Jerrad Brenzikofer took the following from his house around 45th and Oliver.

The white spots in the picture is pea to marble size hail falling.

I got out of class at 8pm and found the storm system rapidly moving to the East, but it looks brilliant in the last rays of sunlight.Posted by Picasa

There were three cells trying to either squall out or feed off each other as a multicell thunderstorm.

Remember, if a thunderstorm is pointing, it's heading that way.

And this storm did.  What stalled out over Sedgwick Co got a kick when a cold front came through.  I noticed lighting in the cell and was going to go out after dark to do some long exposure.  I waited 10 minutes, checked radar, and watched it rocketing out of range.

I hope this chase doesn't set the whole season.    As for the storm, it headed East and caused tornados for the next two days.

Link of interest:
Check out the radar feed midway down.

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