Tuesday, June 9, 2009

06/07/09 chase

Just me on this adventure.
Watched everything blow up everywhere but tornadic activity was a little out of reach.

There was an interesting storm blowing up south of the Oklahoma border that I decided to intercept vs. chasing east (by chasing I mean finding out that I wouldn't get to the storms until I hit Missouri).

I stopped at the Bel Plaine rest stop to figure out what the storm was doing. Unfortunately, it was dying. It looked like it might try to rebuild but had a definant rotation to it. The bottom produced a nice shelf cloud as the updraft gave up and released all the wind, rain, and hail to the earth below.

I took this about 7:30pm. The storm passed overhead and the temp dropped about 10 degrees. I stood out in it until the wind driven rain started to hurt.

More storms possible tomorrow.

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