Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chase Log 4/25/09

Started seeing Storms initiate about 4:30. Decided to run like hell to Wellington. If we were lucky, we'd make it on the back side of the storm.

It was very overcast and there was a lot of precipitation falling around so once we were under the storm, we had some difficulty deciding where to go.

We hit Wellington and then decided to head East into Winfield. We waiting a while in Winfield hoping the storm would figure out what it wanted to do.

Off to the west I could see a "beaver tail" (an area where warm moist air feeds into a storm and gives it a lot of intensity) build. Another thing that caught my attention was the nice clear slot that had developed next to it.

We had our wall cloud.

Couldn't tell what the cloud in the center was trying to do, I don't believe it was a funnel.
The wall clouds of this storm didn't survive. The storm seemed like it was attempting to organize but fell short. The wall cloud above did cause the warning for Sumner Co.

We kept chasing and I had the driver (Nichole Conard) back up for this:

The wall clouds continued to generate and created a few odd clouds like the "O" cloud.

We followed up to Oxford, where the radio was claiming the wall cloud was overhead.

It didn't last too long either. We watched as the cloud tried to rebuild and hopscotched to the East.

With the sun going down, we decided to call it off. We found Udall road and headed back. This storm went on to cause a brief tornado in or near the town of Douglass. At this time no one was reported hurt and it was limited damage.

Keep your eyes to the sky tomorrow. Round two is less than 16 hours away. They are predicting a major outbreak tomorrow. Be prepared.

More pics of this storm, forthcoming.


Gary said...

Looks like you were having a good time. Nice pics and account of the storms.

Denise said...

Love the pics! You should have been around here when the sirens started going off Sunday.

Brian Johnson said...

I was around here.

Dawn Allenbach said...

That panoramic pic over the water is beautiful. May I have a copy?