Sunday, March 29, 2009

Come to the land of the ice and snow . . .

Went Tornado chasing on Monday, on Friday they sent us home from work to avoid another Kansas apocalyptical snow/ice storm. I’m not sure how much ice accumulation we received as sleet or ice or rain.

I think my neighbor has a magic yard, or she went out and mowed it late in the afternoon.

There is a little thing I learned about living in a small town outside of a big city. When the lights flicker, and you can still hear the steady tink of ice/sleet hitting the windows, get ready because the opera is about to start.

We lost power around midnight.

We fled early Saturday morning to my brother-in-laws and hunkered down for the snowstorm. I hate being an ice refugee, but I love his fireplace. Luckily, the power was restored by 6pm. Yeah, Kansas Linemen. You rock.

We had an impressive snow for this late in the season. All together the National Weather Service said 6.8 inches of snow for the Kechi area. Seemed about one inch of that was ice.

As typical for Kansas by late afternoon the weather had changed again. Sun was out, the streets were (for the most part) cleared, and ice was falling off of roofs looking for victims.

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