Monday, September 15, 2008

Active Year

Something of interest I found on Stan Finger's Blog over on the Wichita Eagle homepage. NOAA put this out showing the number of tornadoes this year vs Average. This had been an active year in Western Kansas. I remember a couple of times having tornadoes stretch from Liberal to Phillipsberg with 12 counties under warning at the same time. The following pic was a report of an outbreak. Wonder what the rest of the "Second Season" will be like?


Gary said...

Second season? Like in the Fall or something? This is new to me. (Busy building a shelter now.)

Dawn Allenbach said...

I knew it had been a busy year, but damn.

Gary -- Exactly. Peak times are Spring and Fall.

Brian Johnson said...

Fall and Spring tend to mirror each other weatherwise except for a few basic patterns. Fall generally won't produce big damaging storms but can produce tornadoes.