Sunday, July 27, 2008

July Shelf Cloud

Not too much going on in Wichita as the summer weather pattern sets in and the weather becomes tedious and boring.

There isn't much to chase when you have temps over 100 and high humidity except air conditioning.

This week brought a couple interesting days. Tuesday we had 75mph wind and enough hail to make it look like it snowed hit about 4 miles away from the house. I-135 had four rigs blown off the road, and at one point the sheriff almost brought in snow removal to get rid of the hail.

Friday had some torrential downpours and enough high wind to make the rain go sideways for a little bit.

A couple of hours after the storm a nice shelf cloud came over the city. I ran to "the highest point in Sedgwick CO." and shot this.

The upper level of the shelf cloud lowered and looked like a slow avalanche. Unfortunately, the downpour hit and obscured the shelf cloud.

Needless to say, we are landlocked with boring weather.

Something may pick up a little closer to Fall.

But occasionally you wake up, look outside and see a nice cloud like this the next morning after a storm.

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