Thursday, May 1, 2008



That word kills me. In the last few outbreaks anywhere near here, that word has popped up.

Today is no exception. Hell, we're smack dab in the middle of the tornado anniversaries. Hillsboro, Greensburg, Udall.

It’s been kind of a dry chase season in Wichita. Heard about another chaser going down to Oklahoma and going on a night chase. He told me that he couldn’t see it, but heard it, and then the transformers started blowing around him.

So far, we have moisture from the south and a cold front/dryline forming to the West. They are guessing some super cells forming then turning into a squall line and heading into Missouri.
I like the foreboding words at the end of the analysis . . . AND PERHAPS A COUPLE TORNADOES.

Guys, I’m like a kid at Christmas.


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Dawn Allenbach said...

What was the number I just saw? 19?

Were any near you?